The Chef

Jose Ventura Cruz or simply 'Chef Jose" came from the beautiful land of Puerto Plata Dominican Republic. With it's golden sands and a mountainous natural landscapes combined with the turquoise of the water that many times dress of a tone turquoise with the reflections of the sun in the day, and of moon at night. These beaches bring pleasing memories by their landscapes, stones, waves, sand and most important; Foods......

At the very young age Chef Jose has started attending various training and culinary schools to hone him and be prepared for the field he has chosen. In his own country he has been a culinary army serving from Kitchen Supervisor, Cook, Sous Chef, Executive Sous Chef and to what he has come today as Executive Private Chef in the Island of Turks and Caicos.

Though his root is evidently Spanish, his culinary expertise is broad and seriously vast. He cooks Caribbean, Italian, Western, Asian, Kosher, Halal, etc.

He has worked from 1984 till present in these prime business establishments. 

Restaurant La Carreta

Restaurant La Roca Sosua

Hotel Dorado Naco Salcedo

Restaurant Valentinos

Hotel Heavens

Hotel Hacienda Elizabeth

Hotel Alegro Resorts

Seven Stars Resorts 

Saadet House by The Sources

My life is devoted in cooking, It's my passion..... Chef Jose

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